Private Clubs Become Safe Havens Through COVID-19

By Melissa Hansen

There are a couple of silver linings that have come out of spending more time at home, and family bonding and quality time are two of them. Another interesting positive side effect of the pandemic that is noticeable is how COVID-19 is driving so many people toward joining private clubs, such as The Club at Olde Cypress in Naples, FL. To many folks, membership at a private club brings a sense of safety and security. In these trying times, those feelings of comfort are so important. Another interesting side-effect of the chaos that Covid-19 has caused is that the real estate market in Naples is hot, hot, hot. Some say, it is on fire, and the hottest market in over a decade. Why is that? Remote working means you can work for a company headquartered in New York City from sunny Naples, Florida. Being cooped up in Chicago and other cold-climate cities makes people think hard about how they are currently living and about making the leap they have always dreamed of to Florida living. If not now, when? The ease and availability of outdoor activities in Naples is luring folks from all over the country to move here and enjoy alfresco shopping and dining, as well as year-round golf, tennis, pickleball, swimming, boating, beach bumming and so much more. Let's take a look at factors drawing people to country club living and membership in Naples, Florida. There is a renewed appreciation of the health benefits of an active lifestyle and time spent outdoors. Since so many people are working from home and have more flexibility, they can sneak in a morning tennis practice or an afternoon hitting balls at the range. The game of golf in Naples has grown by leaps and bounds since March 2020, and so many adult golfers are getting their spouses, partners, and children involved in the sport. Since kids are learning virtually, some have the flexibility to play 9 holes after school before it gets dark. Just having a family putting contest on the putting green is a fun way to spend time together and have some laughs. Meeting friends and fellow club members on the golf course puts people at ease, as golf is an ideal socially-distanced sport. When you are buying into a club membership, members recognize the value of the club management going above and beyond to make sure all members feel the environment is as healthy and safe as possible.