Advantages of a Private Versus a Public Golf Course

By Melissa Hansen
The Six C's: Advantages of a Private versus a Public Golf Course

Research demonstrates that people have an emotional need to belong, to be affiliated with a group, and to be accepted. Both novice and expert golfers share that they find pleasurable camaraderie, and much more, playing on a private country club golf course. Why? This article will introduce you to the six C's, a checklist of the advantages of a private versus a public golf course.

Course design and maintenance – Golfers take great pride in their private course, and with good reason. Many such courses were thoughtfully planned by professional players and architects who love the sport and understand both the art of natural beauty and the science of course maintenance. These architects are also skilled at designing a golf course that accommodates all levels of play, from beginner to expert. Plus, imagine enjoying the oasis of a scenic view of a landscaped course with greens, lakes, and sand from your private home. Club golf courses also boast extensive practice ranges, which enable golfers to improve various skills such as driving, putting, and chipping. In contrast, public courses are not as well manicured and maintained, nor do they have these additional facilities.

Consistent play – With a private course in your backyard, club membership entitles you to play as many or as few rounds as you would like. If you are looking to improve your game, any golf professional will tell you that consistent, regular play is the way to reach that goal. This is a huge advantage over public courses where not only do you pay fees each time, but which can also be quite crowded. And what can be better than the ease of making a reservation to tee off at a private course!

Classes and private instruction – Playing regularly can improve your game, but nothing can more beneficial than lessons from the club's PGA golf professional. Let the pro help you adjust your stance, your swing, and your strategy. Some pros use videotape so that you can see exactly what your challenges are. Club pros also organize both club and league tournaments. Watching other passionate golfers play the course is another sure way to benefit your game.

Clubhouse amenities – A private course means more than just a perfect place to play. Clubhouses offer a place to belong, hang out, and socialize. Need a new golf glove? Thirsty for a cold drink or snack? You'll find them at the club's pro shop and restaurants. Showers and lockers are among the other advantage of private courses over public ones. And you can even get your golf shoes polished to a spiffy shine by someone who knows your name.

Camaraderie and Connections – What avid golf player do you know who doesn't love to talk with another one about his/her game and compare notes? Whether you ride with someone in a cart or grab a cold beer together, there are plenty of opportunities to socialize at a private course. The National Golf Foundation cites that 108 million people played golf in 2019 and the number of players, including young enthusiasts, are growing. Many club members appreciate being able to network with business prospects too.

Children and families – Several country club communities cater to the whole family, and this is evident on the golf course. In addition to family time, there are golf classes, lessons, and camps available especially for a young budding Tiger Woods. If you are a private club member, you do not incur additional greens fees for your kids.

Membership in a country club with a private golf course is the best choice for golfers who are looking for an attractive manicured course with the added perks of tee time reservations, on-site golf pro, amazing amenities, and social connections. Yes, it may be less expensive to play at a public course, but it does not offer these other major benefits. You will certainly get a feeling of pride that you belong on your private course! ""