Member Appreciation: Celebrating a Memorable 2023!

Just like that, the end of 2023 is almost here. And we have so much to be grateful for, the heart of which is always, always our members. It was an incredible year as our existing members got to know each other even better, and our new ones brought even more new life into Old Cypress. Here are a few things we're looking forward to as we approach the end of the year and the beginning of the new.


Celebrating Successful Tournaments

Our golfers don't take the game too seriously, but they love golf enough to celebrate our tournaments and have a little fun while they're at it. The participation and enthusiasm are unmatched in the Naples area! Never is this truer than around the holiday season. And the course conditions on our P.B. Dye design are at their peak this time of year! Our course is one of the most unique in the region – and one of the most playable as well.


And Unforgettable Moments …

Unforgeable moments throughout the season are plentiful. They are on and off the golf course via events such as our couples member-guest with its Western theme and notorious DRONE DROP of bourbon, creating an iconic memory for members. And there's so much more planned this season, there's no reason to even leave "campus." There's the Annual Italian Open and the anticipation building for the upcoming Glow Ball event in early 2024 due to its overwhelming popularity, leading to two different event dates.



Entertainment, Events, Sports, Fitness and More

There is so much to participate in this season for members of all interests and ages. At Olde Cypress, we celebrate Motown with a fantastic concert and the thrill of sold-out member/member events, thanks to the vibrant community spirit and engagement.

Recognizing the dedication shown in the Tennis and Pickleball Bootcamp, an integral part of Olde Cypress, taking place each January, enhancing skills and fostering camaraderie. And proudly acknowledging the collective effort and generosity on Charity Day, over $50,000 was raised for Topaz Assistance Dogs, showcasing the community's commitment to giving back.


Overall Gratitude


We are expressing heartfelt thanks to every member for their involvement, enthusiasm, and contribution, making 2023 a truly remarkable and memorable year for Olde Cypress.


Take a peek inside our calendar for the season.  Check it out. 


Interested in learning more about golf membership at Olde Cypress? Click here to contact Director of Membership and Marketing Melissa Hansen today.