Just Arrived for this Fall Season: Lululemon

When the "Athleisure" category blew up in 2000 and 2001, Lululemon broke ground, and then some, like merely a few other brands. Not only styles and qualities but overall popularity with those who appreciated the way it was made and designed. Well, now that includes Olde Cypress, where our members are quick to point out the Lululemon adage, "Golfing Never Felt so Good."

"This is very exciting for us, as we had to go through a rigorous approval process with Lululemon to become an approved vendor," says our Director of Membership and Marketing Melissa Hansen. "It's very prestigious to be able to carry them in our shop. Our goal with bringing this lifestyle brand to the club was to offer our members the ease of purchasing it right here."

In addition to the men's and women's lines we carry, Olde Cypress can order just about anything through our merchandiser who provides personalized service and is very familiar with the line.  We see all our members wearing it on a daily basis, in addition to sporting it in tennis, fitness, golf and pickleball.

We wanted to gather a few more thoughts from our Director of Merchandise, Ziggy Stewart about Lululemon's golf and other apparel, as she's without a doubt an expert in the territory. Here are a few of Ziggy's favorite things:

  • Lululemon is known for its high-quality and performance-driven activewear. Members will have access to premium clothing that's designed to provide comfort, durability, and functionality, enhancing their golfing experience. Remember, we can special order anything that is not in the golf shop!
  • Lululemon's clothing is versatile and suitable for various activities, including golf, tennis, pickleball and fitness. Members can wear these pieces both on and off the golf course, making it a valuable addition to their wardrobe.
  • Lululemon's apparel is engineered to support athletic performance. Golfers can benefit from the brand's innovative fabrics, designs, and features that enhance range of motion, breathability, and moisture-wicking capabilities.
  • Lululemon is known for its modern and stylish designs. Offering their products in our golf shop allows members to stay fashionable while participating in the sport they love.

And there you have it. Golf, tennis, pickleball, a nice walk around your neighborhood in the morning or evening – we've got you covered.

Interested in learning more about golf membership at Olde Cypress? Click here to contact Director of Membership and Marketing Melissa Hansen today.