Living In Sunny Southwest Florida


By Melissa Hansen


Imagine this: Sunny skies year-round, gentle breezes, lush greenery, lake and ocean vistas, perennial hibiscus and bougainvillea flowers, and swaying palm trees. This paradise is right in your backyard at The Club at Olde Cypress in Naples, Florida!

It is the home of perfect weather for golfing, swimming, tennis, pickleball, and outdoor dining. In fact, winter temperatures in Naples average 78 degrees, making it one of the few places in the United States where outdoor activities can be enjoyed comfortably. Summers are tropical, with average temperatures in the low 90s and pleasantly cool evenings in the low 70s. Further, daylight lasts for up to 14 hours in sunny southwest Florida. These year-round conditions are an ideal environment for kids to play outdoors, whether they enjoy sports, biking, or just running around with their friends.

If these facts haven't yet convinced you to move to Naples, consider this: Scientific research proves that sunshine provides a multitude of health benefits. It elevates mood, promotes bone health, improves sleep, and lowers blood pressure. And all that translates into a longer, healthier life span to enjoy all Naples has to offer.

It is no surprise that tourism is a booming industry in southwest Florida. If you live here, you can count on visits from family and friends who have not yet decided to move to The Sunshine State. Encourage them to visit any time of year! They might just decide to move here too.

Whether you want to hit the links, enjoy the pool, or dine outdoors, you can enjoy these diversions and more year-round at The Club at Olde Cypress in Naples, Florida.