It's 'Fall Favorites' at Olde Cypress Here Again!

It's 'Fall Favorites' at Olde Cypress Here Again!

One of the most highly-anticipated reasons for joining Olde Cypress and (as we love to say) "flying south" for the winter? We're kicking off the golf season as clubs up north quickly wind theirs down. We offer plenty of options to jump head-first into the fall golf season or to pursue other awesome activities, no matter what your passion. The choice is yours, and the weather is always permitting.

1. P.B. Dye Golf

Play golf, but of course! Our P.B. Dye-designed golf course is unique to South Florida. Our members know, respect, and love this aspect of Olde Cypress. We completed a multi-million-dollar remastering of the golf course in the fall of 2021 that still holds solid to this day … and then some. The expansive project entailed the resurfacing of all 18 greens, the practice green and chipping area; enlarging, leveling, and re-grassing the tee boxes; and installation of a new subsurface drainage system and new artificial turf on the driving range. It's truly unlike any other course in the Napes area, bias aside.

2. Social Clubhouse (And Then Some)

From our Welcome Back Party, Viva Las Vegas Theme Party, Holiday Dinner Dance, Boots + Bling, and Disco Parties, there's no shortage of good times. It's a relaxing good time. Or a full-on part-good time. The choice is our members' choice! It's also the perfect time to take in our near-perfect weather and our completely revived clubhouse. And if you and yours have a good pair of boots you like, well, you're in luck.

3. Programs Across Ages

This time of year is truly one of our best for members of all ages. Bias aside, of course! There's Brunch with Santa, Junior Tennis Clinics, Junior Golf Lessons, and more. There's enough to keep everyone busy, entertained, happy, and then some. Social and unforgettable experiences are here at Olde Cypress year-round, especially in the late fall with perfect weather!

4. Activities Across Passions

Okay, are you ready for this list of passions this fall? How about we start with NFL Tailgate Mixers, Glow Ball, Turkey Trot Tennis and Pickle Mixer, Book Club, Yoga, Mah Jongg, and Canasta? Just to name a few. We've got you covered. And then some.

5. Relaxation + Thanksgiving

There's always this option at Olde Cypress. After all, many of our members are just arriving and are ready for some R & R. We've got that covered and then some. By the pool, with the kids, on the golf course or on the clubhouse enjoying some Thanksgiving fare and good times!

For more information about all our fall festivities or to make reservations, log onto the website today!

Interested in learning more about golf membership at Olde Cypress? Click here to contact Director of Membership and Marketing Melissa Hansen today.