So You Joined Olde Cypress: Here's What Happens Next!

Time was, people moved to Naples because they already had friends or family here that knew the town like the proverbial back of their hands. But over the past three years, folks have been moving to the Paradise Coast from throughout North America based on exhaustive online research. Many of them are golfers who were members of private clubs up north looking for a new country club home. Others played a little here and there over the years but are eager to ramp up their games via their relocation.  

What do these two seemingly divergent demographics have in common when it comes to joining Olde Cypress? Great question. According to Melissa Hansen, Director of Membership and Marketing, the most popular query she receives by far is simple: "After we join, what happens next?"

We were able to catch up with Melissa to get the inside scoop!

Melissa, thanks so much for joining us. Can you tell us a little about New Member Orientation?

It's my pleasure to catch up with you this wonderful summer! As soon as our new members join, there's a virtual orientation that goes through the ins and outs as far as booking tee times on our P.B. Dye-designed golf course, paying their monthly [and other] bills, and registering for events, like some of our amazing tournament and concerts. It's also an opportunity to make introductions with other new members. Due to traditional seasonality, many of them aren't in Naples, yet, and are still working up north. As you'd expect these days, virtual convenience has skyrocketed in participation.


How about the New Member Passport, can you share a few things about this amazing benefit?

With a New Member Passport, our new members receive complimentary lessons for golf, tennis, and pickleball. For golf, it connects them with our golf professionals for a 30-minute swing evaluation and allows our professionals a chance to get to know new members. They can then pair them up in the best groups based on their skill level. The New Member Passport also includes a fitness evaluation in our fitness center. This is a huge benefit, as working out for the first time can be intimidating! Even if we don't admit it. Overall, it just REALLY heightens the member experience here at Olde Cypress.
These personalized experiences with our department heads allow them to get to know our new members and integrate them into the right group from the start.


Okay, we've got to ask about the Pineapple Table, which is so unique to Olde Cypress

Of course, I'm happy to share! The Pineapple Table is our name for regularly scheduled dinners for new members in which we pair them with other new members of similar ages, demographics, and interests. There's a total of eight at a table – four couples, including one pair [that have been members for a few years], serves as an ambassador couple. I send the invites out as soon as members join using the interests listed in their applications. I kid you not, they become best friends for life!


Finally, can you tell us briefly about the Newcomers Program?

In the programs above, the Olde Cypress staff is closely involved, to say the least. With the monthly Newcomers Program, we let their hands go a bit. Each month we offer new members the opportunity to meet and mingle at intimately curated events such as our new member nine and wine, charcuterie board class, cocktail mixers and dinners.  New members are eligible to attend these events for a year and are guaranteed to meet a different set of friendly faces at every event.

Thank you, Melissa, have a great start to the summer!

Interested in learning more about golf membership at Olde Cypress? Click here to contact Director of Membership and Marketing Melissa Hansen today.