The Joys and Advantages of Junior Golf

By Melissa Hansen

What do Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy have in common besides being champion professional golfers? They started playing the sport at age two! Your child may not become the next professional golf legend, but theoretically, a child can play as soon as s/he can carry a club and putt the ball. There are enormous physical, mental, emotional, and social benefits of junior golf. But the best benefit of all is that golf is lots of fun outdoors – away from cell phones, video games, and other technology that consumes kids today.

The Joys and Advantages of Junior Golf

Physical – Golf is a low-impact non-contact sport that promotes hand-eye coordination, cardiovascular health, core muscle strength, and motor skills. It also promotes balance, flexibility, and coordination. All of these benefits are important to a growing kid's overall health. Since golf is played outdoors, kids get the benefits of fresh air and sunshine's Vitamin D along with exercise. And anyone – any age, any body type, any gender, and any weight – can play!

Mental and Emotional – Golf develops patience, discipline, and concentration, key attributes for young kids and adults alike. Although even the best golfers experience frustration and disappointment from time to time, they learn to develop self-control and improve from their mistakes. Golf is a quiet sport – no boisterous crowds or violent outbursts – so shy, quiet kids can become confident and comfortable. Also, the truth is that it can be tempting to cheat by moving the ball or changing a score, but other kids are likely to point out these 'maneuvers,' so golf promotes fairness and honesty.

Social – Golf can be played alone, in pairs, small groups, or teams, which gives kids choices. This flexibility means that kids with different personalities interact. Introverts can compete against themselves, and others can enjoy the camaraderie and team spirit of groups. The sport fosters friendships, as kids develop a special vocabulary with their peers that may seem like a foreign language to nonplayers. For players, birdies, eagles, double eagles, or albatrosses become a lingo that doesn't refer to bird species. These social skills often translate into productive adult business relationships later.

FUN - The best reason for young kids to play golf is that it is fun!

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