Olde Cypress' One and Only: 'The Tradition'

To paraphrase the famous Jim Nantz line in advance of The Masters, "The Tradition" at Olde Cypress is a Member-Member unlike any other. For so many of our members, this is a tournament they hear legendary stories about! But haven't played… Others spend time, or even play casual golf, with their buddies who've played in The Tradition year after year. But they haven't played … yet. "There's nothing else like it," they'll say, staring up at the sky. And finding the exact words after? Well, that can be a challenge.  


The Tradition attracts new members, veteran members, those who've joined over the past couple of years, and others. The tie that binds is tight. The tournament – always fun and occasionally VERY competitive; and the golf course – P.B. Dye's masterpiece – combine to make The Tradition just that: one of the best golf tournaments in Southwest Florida! Want to learn more? Here is an invaluable collection of feedback, unique quotes, and more from two of our Member-Members who just participated a few weeks ago.

In the famous words of the Black Eyed Peas, "Let's get it started."


That Lucky Number Nine…

Peter Presperin has been a member at Olde Cypress and has played in The Tradition since 2016. We found it totally unique and enjoyable that he and his partner's opponents were cheering just as hard for Presperin and his guy as they were for themselves.

"We totally enjoyed the guys we played with; we were cheering them on the whole time we played with them, and they were doing the same for us," Presperin said. "It truly was an authentic support. We had a blast with all our opponents. The crowds for the shoot-off and the playoff were equally supportive. We couldn't have asked for any more encouragement."
That's right – this was Peter's 9th Tradition, and he looks forward to even more to come. The friendships, the comraderies, and the relationships are all everlasting. He was also hugely appreciative of the Pro-Shop and Club House, where players spent a great amount of time after rounds. Whether it was logging scores, tipping a drink, enjoying some food, or playing cards, a great time was had by all.
"The dinner Saturday night was excellent," said Presperin.


Play Smart and Have Fun

Ed Boutet was playing just his second Tradition Member-Member. But if his third is anything like his inaugural and his "next up," then this could be a many-year event. He described the playing atmosphere as "totally fun" and his playing partners and just that – "totally supportive."
"The excitement of the event continued to build throughout the second day," said Boutet. "The members cheering on all the participants during the shootout made for an exciting climax to the event. We had a strategy going into the tournament, 'play smart and have fun.' We continued to remind each other of it. We didn't let the other get down if we had a bad shot or hole."
Nantz may say it about The Masters year after year, but The Tradition at Olde Cypress is a tournament (and growing legend) like none other.


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