4 Things to Watch for in 2024

Four Things to Watch for in 2024 at Olde Cypress

"The Best way to predict the future is to create it."


That's or approach to the New Year at Olde Cypress in 2024. It was our way before, this year and beyond! And it's hard to look beyond the start of the "winter season" with so many great things planned for this January and February. Oh, and not everything has to be planned at Olde Cypress. Having a relaxing day with friends and family is just as "important" to take part in! So, with that said, here are four things we have an eye on to start.


1. World Class Golf

Our men's and women's member-member tournaments at Olde Cypress continue to be two of the true highlights of the winter and spring seasons here in Naples on our (almost) one and only P.B. Dye-designed golf course. The "Men's Tradition" is a two-day, 36-hole event in Feb. with a rocking Thursday night reception. The format is an entertaining blend of a scramble, better ball, and alternate shot outing. Does that not sound awesome? Identical outfits between partners make this unique in Naples -- traditional knickers and sox are encouraged! Back to the golf course … members relish the par-3 Oasis, our signature hole with P.B.'s signature island green.



2. Tennis & Pickleball


The New Year is a great time to hone your tennis and Pickleball games or enjoy them for the first time. As in previous years, we've got the classic tennis matches on our state-of-the-art courts. Our Director of Racquet Sports, Christie Pollin, joined the tennis team back in 2018. Head Tennis and Pickleball Director Travis Raque joined us in the Spring of 2023 and has over 25 years of tennis experience. In other words, 2024 will be an amazing year for our members who love a little "racquet" action. But enough out of us, learn even more about both games for this year.




3. First-Class & Casual Dining

Sometimes, our members feel like dressing up and getting formal. Other times, they want to dress light and keep it casual. This is South Florida, after all. Our Executive Chef Ceasar Hernandez provides casual and formal fare, and our Food and Beverage Director, Jonathan Amiel, sees it through. Members can dine inside or out (this is Southwest Florida!), and we offer a series of wine tastings and food pairings to keep things rolling.


4. Congratulations!

There's no better time than kicking off the New Year for weddings and special events. For gents, hey, breaking out that wedding suit in 70-degree weather is a wonderful start to an unforgettable day. And ladies, the same goes for that marvelous dress. Rehearsal dinners? We have you covered, as well. Your get-together could be as "simple" as a culinary party and Hernandez, Amiel and their teams will assemble everything you need, budget included.

And Here We Go


We're ready 2024! And we can't wait to see Members, guests and prospects at Olde Cypress this winter.

Want a peek inside our members-only calendar? Check it out!

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