Beyond Golf: Five Reasons for Joining a Private Club in Naples this Season

Even with high temps in the 90s this summer in Naples, the "peak season," starting in November, will be here before people know it. And while golf is a major reason for joining a private club like Olde Cypress along the Paradise Coast, there are so many other things to consider as Southwest Florida fills to the rim coming up. Here's just a sampling of how we at the "OC" can help step your living up to the next level.

1. Social Community

Despite the sheer number of people calling Naples home from November through April, developing a social life for new residents from out of the state can be a challenge for clubs of all types. Not the case at Olde Cypress. New members meet other new and longstanding members right away. The next thing they know, boom – it's an active social life ranging from wine tastings and dinners to workouts, golf tournaments and tennis events. From planned to ad hoc, there are literally unlimited choices without having to even leave the property.

2. Private Dining

Ah, dining out. During the aforementioned season, there are waits. Oh, are there ever waits. You and yours will wait for a table at your favorite restaurant … if you are lucky. Oftentimes, 4 p.m. is a popular "supper" time from November through April. Not the case at Olde Cypress. Options are virtually unlimited for both casual and fine dining at the recently reimagined clubhouse. Members love "chilling" at the Greenside Café with their friends, where they can relax or catch the action from their favorite games. Other social options include wine tastings, dinner buffets, galas and even more.

3. Fitness and Wellness

Speaking of fitness and wellness, Olde Cypress has members covered so that plenty of calories are burned and muscles are toned so those evening events may be attended. There's a reason so many members refer to it simply as "hitting the gym." Cheree Calderone is our director of fitness, who is an ACE-certified personal trainer and Body Balance Golf Fitness expert. Members also have access to Adam Deana, our Personal Trainer, who loves to train members in self-defense and other similar fitness arts. It's the ideal combo for members of any age and every experience level.

4. Family-Friendly Environment

By no means are private clubs in Naples and beyond only talking – and catering to – retirees anymore. In fact, young folks are a major focus. At Olde Cypress, members include those with children who enjoy summer camps featuring golf, tennis and more. They also relish getting away together for the evening for social activities, dining and more. There's so much to do planned well in advance to take the pressure off those with uber buys lives.

5. Business and Networking

And just as private clubs are no longer geared toward retirees, business and networking are key components to attracting and keeping new members. Working members at Olde Cypress are collaborating and even doing business together, almost unheard of even five years ago. Not only is the future bright, so is the present. Members of all ages, especially those in their 30s and 40s, keep Olde Cypress busy year-round, not just the traditional "season."

All in all, it's all good!

Interested in learning more about golf membership at Olde Cypress? Click here to contact Director of Membership and Marketing Melissa Hansen today.