Blogs by The Club at Olde Cypress

By Melissa Hansen

Our goal at The Club at Olde Cypress is to continually develop new opportunities to create community. In that spirit, we are launching a blog to keep you informed, educated and entertained. The atmosphere of sunshine and fun on our campus and the surrounding Naples area abounds with sports, recreation, dining, drinking, culture, and much more.

This blog is the place to read:

  • Insights and helpful tips from our golf, tennis, and fitness professionals
  • Information about our wide array of events and activities
  • Profiles of our residents and members
  • Highlights of Naples experiences, such as dining guides and must-attend events
  • General information and updates on the Naples Real Estate market

Let's start by talking about the amazing features that distinguish The Club at Olde Cypress from other Florida country clubs. With 550 single-family homes and an average residents' age of 58, we are an welcoming and vibrant community. Take a look at our Instagram accounts and this website and you'll see the happy faces of the incredible families that surround us. Although we are a gated community, we welcome non-residents as members to enjoy our laid back, causal ambiance, and extensive activities. Our golf course designer, P.B. Dye, is the son of famous architect Peter Dye. P.B. has Florida roots, having attended the University of Tampa and being a force on their golf team. Our renowned Executive Chef, Phillipe LaCroix , creates meals that grace our indoor and outdoor dining venues, allowing for variety of nourishment to meet the delights of all of our members tastes from around the world.

This blog post is just a taste of what's to come in upcoming articles. We look forward to sharing more with you soon and welcome your comments and suggestions!